July 7, 2016

Do national borders slow down knowledge diffusion within new technological fields? The case of big data in Europe

Big data technologies enhance the storage, processing, and analysis of large data sets and can be applied economy-wide. Despite this potential, only one percent of big data patents come from Europe. This paper investigates the di ffusion of big data technologies across national borders by using speed of big data patent citations.

Using mixed proportional hazard models with fixed e ffects and censoring correction we compare big data patents to non-big data ICT patents that have been led at the USPTO. We find that big data patents are cited slower compared to other ICT patents. This delay fades as big data technologies mature. National borders do not systematically aff ect the diff usion of big data technology, also for regions which host little big data innovation like Europe.


Tatiana Kiseleva
Ali Palali
Bas Straathof

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