January 1, 1995

Economic effects of the Betuweroute based on recent information

In 1993, CPB conducted a research into the economic effects of the Betuweroute. In Working Paper 52, the results of this research have been published.

Since then, important new information has become available, which gives rise to new views. The report of the Commission Hermans and the background studies that this committee has carried out in this context is very important. Also the progress in the decision-making procedures plays a role, in which cost-increasing conditions to the Betuweroute have been laid down. For instance, the official estimates of the investment of the Betuweroute are currently about 40% higher than during Working Paper 52. CPB was asked to re-examine the economic impact of the Betuweroute. The results differ significantly from those of Working Paper 52. This is reason for the CPB to report in this new document.


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