February 17, 2004

A new WTO round for services: Likely consequences for the Netherlands

Nederlandse diensteneconomie verwacht kleine positieve effecten van huidige WTO-onderhandelingen

Press release
Liberalisering van de internationale handel in diensten is een belangrijk onderwerp van de lopende WTO-onderhandelingsronde (Doha-ronde) die eind 2004 afgerond zou moeten worden. De Nederlandse economie is grotendeels op diensten gebaseerd, zodat de uitkomsten van groot belang kunnen zijn voor ons land.

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Henk Kox
Dick Morks

Reviewing the many negotiation offers and requests by the most important players, the study distils a maximal feasible negotiation outcome.

This outcome is used as an input for scenario analysis and model simulations, in order to assess the possible impacts on the Dutch economy. The general picture that emerges from our study is that the present GATS round will have but a small impact on the Dutch economy. The effects include a small increase in service imports and exports, and a slight fall in the prices of services. Moreover, foreign direct investment by service firms will increase, partly to the detriment of border-crossing trade in services.

Reviewing the available evidence, we conclude that the Dutch economy is most likely to benefit from further liberalisation of world services trade. The study develops some analytical tools that may be helpful for the preparation of future GATS rounds.

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Henk Kox

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