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Arjan Lejour


  • +31 6 52485843
  • A.M.Lejour@cpb.nl
  • Centraal Planbureau
  • Bezuidenhoutseweg 30
  • 2594 AV Den Haag

Arjan Lejour is programmeleader at the sector Public Finance of CPB. He is responsible for the research programme taxation and the housing market. He has also been programmeleader Globalisation and Europe between 2005 and 2012. Before he was senior researcher in international economics at CPB. Arjan is an expert in (international) business taxation, trade behaviour of Dutch firms, trade in services and the effects of trade on economic growth. He has also analysed many EU policies, such as the internal market, economic reforms (Europe 2020), subsidiarity issues and enlargement. He has been consultant for DG Economic and Financial Affairs, DG Enterprise and Industry, DG Trade, DG Taxud and DG Budget of the European Commission and for the Swiss and Finnish government. He also particpates in various national and international working groups.

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