November 20, 2008

Pricing of generic medicines; substantial decrease in price in new healthcare system.

Preferentiebeleid generieke geneesmiddelen: eerste tastbare succes van de Zorgverzekeringswet op de zorginkoopmarkt

Press release
Zorgverzekeraars hebben op de geneesmiddelenmarkt voor het eerst laten zien dat ze als kritische inkoper van zorg invloed kunnen uitoefenen. Hun voorkeursbeleid voor generieke geneesmiddelen heeft gezorgd voor forse prijsdalingen en besparingen op de uitgaven aan geneesmiddelen.

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A number of insurers initiated a policy of selective contracting of generic medicines; as of the 1st of July 2008, these insurers reimburse only the cheapest generic product within a number of big-selling therapeutic classes. Producers of generics responded by substantially lowering their generic list prices. Insurers and their enrolees profit but pharmacists may incur revenues as a result of diminishing discounts and rebates provided by generic producers. In order to retain lower expenditures for consumers on generics in the future, it is important to revise the current complex set of regulations about pricing and reimbursement of generics. Experiences in the US, with less regulated prices, might be useful for the Dutch situation.

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Arno Meijer

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