December 14, 2010

SAFFIER II; 1 model for the Dutch economy, in 2 qualities, for 3 uses

This paper describes SAFFIER II (the successor of SAFFIER), the macroeconometric model in use at CPB since May 2010.

This model is an up-to-date and modernised version of SAFFIER, the workhorse for making short-term projections, medium-term scenarios and analyses of coalition agreements and policy options.

A special feature of SAFFIER II is that it is one model, in two qualities (a quarterly and a yearly version), for three uses (short, medium and long term). In comparison with its predecessor, all behavioural equations have been re-estimated with the use of revised, long and consistent time series. Simultaneously, some innovations with respect to the modelling of the production function, wage rate, private consumption and exports have been incorporated.

The publication sketches the outlines of SAFFIER II and illustrates its working with the results of fourteen standard shocks.

This publication is in Dutch.

Background document


Johan Verbruggen
Edwin van de Haar


Johan Verbruggen