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Esther Mot

wet. medewerker

  • +31 6 11523709
  • E.S.Mot@cpb.nl
  • Centraal Planbureau
  • Bezuidenhoutseweg 30
  • 2594 AV Den Haag

Esther Mot is experienced in policy-oriented economic research concerning health care and long-term care. The subject of her dissertation is payment systems for medical specialist. She carried out several research projects on long-term care for the elderly, including international research for the European Commission. Her most recent activities concern method-development for the projection of health care expenditures in the medium term and research into the introduction of expensive new technologies in Dutch health care. .

Publications by Esther Mot

CPB Policy Brief 2017/06 | 18 May 2017

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ISBN 978-90-5833-774-0 | Go to publication

CPB Communication | 16 February 2017

8 pages | pdf document, 969.5 KB

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