Netherlands Economists Day 2016

On Friday the 4th of November 2016 the Netherlands Economists Day (NED) will be organized at the Dutch Central Bank in Amsterdam. This day provides all Dutch economists – those who live and work in the Netherlands – with the opportunity to discuss relevant economic issues.

November 4, 2016
Dutch Central Bank, Amsterdam

You are cordially invited to attend this day. The highlights:

  • Debates on current policy issues
  • Presentations of current economic research
  • The KVS Tinbergen Lecture by prof. dr. Daron Acemoglu
  • Award ceremony best ESB article 2016

The Dutch Central Bank (Westeinde 1, Amsterdam). For directions, click here.

It is no longer possible to subscribe for the Nederlandse Economendag.

The Netherlands Economist Day and the KVS
Participation in the NED is only possible for members of the Royal Dutch association for economists (KVS). Next to the NED, the KVS organizes economists cafes and lectures. You will also get access to the economic journal ESB. You can directly subscribe for a KVS membership via the online NED subscription form. This KVS membership is valid from October 1 2016 until September 30 2017. After September 30 2017 your membership can be cancelled with one month’s notice. Before the end of duration of the membership, the customer service of ESB will contact you with a new membership offer.

Attending the Tinbergen Lecture of Daron Acemoglu
Current KVS members who only want to visit the Tinbergen Lecture of professor Acemoglu, do not have to pay an entrance fee. You do, however, need to fill out the subscription form. If you indicate that you will only visit the Tinbergen Lecture, you are welcome at the Dutch Central Bank as from 15.00. The Lecture starts at 16.00. The KVS membership offer below only applies for participants of the Netherlands Economists Day and not for those who only want to visit the Tinbergen Lecture. To attend the Tinbergen Lecture, a KVS membership is compulsory.  

Overview subscription fees Netherlands Economists Day
In the overview below, KVS-members are defined as those who are a member of the KVS on November 4 2016. Visitors of the NED 2015 who became a NED-KVS member last year are member until September 30 2016 and have to renew their subscription to visit the NED 2016.



Normal tariff

Students / PhD students




Economist day and Tinbergen lecture



Only Tinbergen lecture






Economist day and Tinbergen lecture, 1 year KVS membership, 1 year ESB digital1



Economist day and Tinbergen lecture, 1 year KVS membership, 1 year ESB total2



1 ESB digital gives access to all content on

2 ESB total gives access to all content on and monthly ESB magazine on paper.



You can cancel your subscription for the Netherlands Economists Day until October 21, 2016 by sending an email to We will return your subscription fee for the Dutch Economists Day (the KVS-members tariff). The KVS membership is valid for a year. After this year the membership can be cancelled with one month’s notice.

Seats at the Tinbergen Lecture
We do not expect the Auditorium to be large enough to offer all visitors a seat at the Tinbergen Lecture. Just like in previous years, we will also show the lecture in an adjoining  room via a live video connection. We advise visitors who want to be seated in the Auditorium to be there on time. 

Press representatives are welcome. Please contact the organization via for more information.

More information
For more information, please contact the organization via Netherlands Economists Day is organized on behalf of:

  • CPB Netherlands Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis (CPB)
  • Dutch Central Bank (DNB)
  • Economisch Statistische Berichten (ESB)
  • Koninklijke Vereniging voor de Staathuishoudkunde (KVS)
  • Ministry of Finance (MinFin)
  • PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)

Organising committee

  • Yvonne Adema (CPB)
  • Wouter Elsenburg (MinFin)
  • Mariëlle Non (CPB)
  • Ruben van Oosten (ESB)
  • Arjan Ruijs (PBL)
  • Marjolein Rusch (DNB)
  • Maikel Volkerink (DNB)

Administrative support

  • Ria Aydin (DNB)
  • Anita Schaake (DNB)
  • Jeannette Verbruggen (CPB)

Scientific committee

  • Michiel Bijlsma (CPB)
  • Reyer Gerlagh (UvT)
  • Massimo Giuliodori (UvA)
  • Henri de Groot (VU)
  • Jakob de Haan (DNB)
  • Robert Inklaar (RUG)
  • Eelke de Jong (Radboud)
  • Pierre Koning (Leiden/VU)
  • Sander Onderstal (UvA)
  • Laura Spierdijk (RUG)
  • Herman Vollebergh (PBL/UvT)

Committee of recommendation

  • Laura van Geest (CPB)
  • Job Swank (DNB)
  • Coen Hogendoorn (MinFin)
  • Hans Mommaas (PBL)
  • Jasper Lukkezen (ESB/UU)
  • Bas Jacobs (EUR/KVS)
  • Focco Vijselaar (MinEZ)
  • Charles Wijnker (MinSZW)
  • Philip Vergauwen (UM)
  • Lex Meijdam (UvT)
  • Philip Hans Franses (EUR)
  • Janneke Plantenga (UU)
  • Willem Verschoor (VU)
  • Han van Dissel (UvA)
  • Harry Garretsen (RUG)
  • Paul Hendriks (Radboud)
  • Koen Caminada (Leiden)
  • Eric Bartelsman (TI/VU)
  • Bas ter Weel (SEO/UvA)
  • Wim Boonstra (Rabobank)


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