November 1, 2019

Evaluation of the Climate Agreement

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This report contains an analysis of the climate measures taken by the Rutte III Cabinet, as requested by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. The package of measures, with additions and adjustments, builds on the draft Climate Agreement of late 2018. These measures were evaluated in the same way as those of the draft Climate Agreement.   

A full description of all measures is provided in Appendix C. The report presents the effects of the measures on the budget, financial burden and income.  The effects, generally speaking, are based on the same package of measures as those used by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency for its analysis. Appendix B provides an overview of the differences arising from the fact that, according to CPB, some of the measures would not be unilaterally enforceable by the government and/or have not been worked out in sufficient detail. As a result, the reduction potential as calculated by PBL, and for which CPB in this report does not provide any indication of the budgetary, financial burden and income effects, may be a few megatonnes lower in total. The reported effects are projections and, therefore, inherently uncertain. Technically, it is not possible to apply a confidence interval, but this does not remove the uncertainty. 


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