June 30, 2003

Immigration and the Dutch economy

Immigratie niet effectief tegen vergrijzing

Press release
Large scale labour immigration is not an effective instrument to cope with the financial effects of an ageing population in the Netherlands. Nor will large scale labour immigration have positive effects on the labour market.

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What costs and benefits of immigration accrue to the host country? How can immigration and integration policies be modified so as to improve the balance? Is immigration an effective instrument in alleviating the burden of ageing? What can we learn from traditional immigration countries like Australia, Canada and the United States?

The international economic literature is not always conclusive in answering the questions raised. Much depends on the specific circumstances and institutions in the host country. This study focuses on the Netherlands as a host country for immigrants. Employing methods extracted from the literature, in combination with data on the Dutch economy, we assess the impact of immigration on the labour market, the public sector and the physical environment. The results may contribute to the debate on immigration and integration policy both in the Netherlands and at the European level.



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