June 5, 2003

Incentives for UWV

Prikkels voor UWV

Press release
UWV (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen) ondervindt relatief zwakke prikkels tot beperking van de instroom in de WAO. In de huidige situatie heeft de overheid weinig zicht op de keuringspraktijk van UWV, en kan derhalve moeilijk afrekenen op kwaliteit.

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Dick Morks

As a result, the principal of UWV, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, is faced with the difficult task of steering UWV towards desired outcomes. What are the formal objectives of UWV? How and why can UWV be prompted to achieve these objectives? Our analysis shows that incentives are low or not well targeted for a number of objectives of UWV. In general, we find low incentives for UWV to limit the use of social-security arrangements, both for the assesment of individual claims and for the reemployment of clients. We discuss possible shortcomings of the use of incentives here, and present various policy options to alleviate these shortcomings.

This publication is in Dutch.


Pierre Koning