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Benedikt Vogt

wet. medewerker

  • +31 6 50630893
  • B.Vogt@cpb.nl
  • Centraal Planbureau
  • Bezuidenhoutseweg 30
  • 2594 AV Den Haag

I am an applied economist with a broad field of interest for policy-relevant questions. Since 2014, I have been working as a researcher at the department of market regulation at the CPB. I graduated from the University of Bonn in 2011, and I hold a PhD in Economics of Maastricht University since 2015. My research interests lie in empirical household finance, policy evaluation, behavioral economics and non-cognitive determinants of economic outcomes. If you have any questions regarding my research, feel free to contact me.

Publications by Benedikt Vogt

How do the Dutch Finance their Own House? – Descriptive Evidence from Administrative Data

We investigate the major financing components which are used to purchase a house in the Netherlands. This is important to shed more light on the effects of changing lending norms. We look at the full universe of housing transactions in the Netherlands by making use of administrative data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) for the period 2006-2014.

CPB Background Document | 5 June 2018

26 pages | pdf document, 1.3 MB

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