June 1, 2003

CPB in focus

The CPB Review Committee 2003, an international committee of independent economic scientists, has published its final report today. 'CPB in Focus' is the result of a thorough review of CPB, including its organisation, models, performance and prospects, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

CPB has a long and distinguished history. The current structure and operation of CPB are basically sound, and the contributions it makes to policymaking in the Netherlands are substantial. CPB places a high priority on objectivity, independence, and non-advocacy. The Review Committee finds that CPB has successfully maintained its reputation in pursuing this worthy and essential objective. This perspective permeates the entire CPB staff. The Review Committee was also impressed by the recent attempt of CPB to strengthen its human resources management.

In this report, we recommend that CPB should intensify its links with academic institutions by seeking strategic partnerships and focus more on structural reform issues by shifting away resources from macro forecasting to microeconomic modelling. We are confident that CPB, with its highly qualified and strongly motivated staff, can successfully continue to make important contributions to the policy debate in areas such as education, health care, pensions, labour markets, housing, energy, transport, and infrastructure.



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