International partners

CPB has a large number of contacts with several international organisations such as the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund or the Organisation for Co-operation and Development in Europe. CPB researchers conduct research for the European Commission, often as part of international consortia.

We also have ties with a number of foreign institutes for economic policy analysis, some of which are briefly introduced here. Co-operation exists always on the basis of mutual independence. Every partner remains fully responsible for the content and quality of its work.

Since early 2011 CPB has a partnership with the Brussels-based think tank Bruegel, which focuses on economic policy making in the European Union. CPB and Bruegel present each other’s work, collaborate in research projects and participate in events in Brussels or The Netherlands.

Institute for Fiscal Studies
The 'Institute for Fiscal Studies' (IFS) is an independent institute based in London. Its research focus is on economic policy analysis and social-economic advice.

Office for Budget Responsibility
The 'Office for Budget Responsibility' (OBR) was established in late 2010. One of its main goals is to publish independent economic forecasts. Like CPB it is officially part of the civil service.

Swedish Fiscal Policy Council
The 'Swedish Fiscal Policy Council' (SFPC) is also a public institute. It consists of an eight member council with a supporting bureau that conducts research and publishes independent advise on Swedish economic policy.

Center for European Policy Studies
The 'Center for European Policy Studies' (CEPS) is a leading Brussels-based think tank on European integration, with a strong economics programme.

European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes
The 'European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes' (ENEPRI) is a European network of 27 economic research institutes, with the aim to foster the international diffusion of existing research, co-ordinate research plans, conduct joint research and increase public awareness of the European dimension of national economic policy issues.