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Projections September 2021

Strong recovery of the Dutch economy, but coronavirus-related uncertainty remains.

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Pension Payout Preferences

Dutch retirees – and individuals who are close to retirement – show a clear interest in two alternatives for the default lifelong flat rate annuity. In a survey experiment with over a thousand participants we investigated how appealing these different payout options are to retirees, and what influences their preferences.

World Trade September 2021

World Trade September

The world trade volume decreased 0.8% in September 2021, compared to August, when trade growth was 0.7%. With this, the growth rate in world trade for quarter 3 stands at -1.1%. This is evident from the latest CPB world trade monitor.

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Co-payments on nursing homes contain use but increase financial risk

In 2013, a reform (the vermogensinkomensbijtelling) increased co-payments for long-term care for people with financial wealth. A shown in a new empirical study, it induced older people to postpone nursing home use, but only by a few days on average. The reform reduced the financial pressure on the long-term care system, but at the cost of raising the financial risk of older adults.

The Future of Work

CPB Lecture 2021

Which jobs have disappeared and which job have emerged, and how will this continue into the future? Who are the winners and who are the losers? And what are the policy challenges? These questions played a key role in the CPB Lecture 2021 of David Autor (MIT). On this page you can watch the presentations and download the slides.

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Optimal capital ratios for banks in the euro area

Capital buffers help banks to absorb financial shocks. This reduces the risk of a banking crisis. However, on the other hand capital requirements for banks can also lead to social costs, as rising financing costs can lead to higher interest rates for customers. In this research we make an exploratory analysis of the costs and benefits of capital buffers for groups of European countries.

When financials get tough, life gets rough?

When financials get tough, life gets rough?

In this paper, we investigate whether individuals obtaining problematic debts are more likely to use mental healthcare or social guidance and/or financial help, and whether they have higher mental healthcare costs.