CPB’s 5 sectors form the heart of the organisation

Sector 1 Public finance
This sector conducts projections, second opinions and economic analyses, in relation to the optimal organisation of national budgetary policy, taxation structure and social security. This sector carries the ultimate responsibility for the production of short-term projections, such as the Central Economic Plan (CEP) and the Macro Economic Outlook (MEV). It also provides incidental policy support to the ministries and political parties. The academic partners of this sector are university professors Evert Verhulp, Koen Caminada, Lex Meijdam, Pierre Koning and Sijbren Cnossen.

Sector 2 Macro economics
This sector is the knowledge centre for the macro economy of the Dutch Government. It conducts short- and medium-term projections for both the Dutch and the international economy, and analyses developments and policy issues. Its Macro Financial programme is new and focuses on the interaction between financial and real aspects of the economy. This sector’s academic partners are Wilco van Dijk, Robert Inklaar, Clemens Kool and Dirk Schoenmaker.

Sector 3 Labour, education and pensions
This sector focuses on the consequences of rules and regulations related to education, employment and the post-retirement phase of life. Themes include the labour market for the middle class, risk sharing within the pension system, and investments in preschool education. Its academic partners consist of university professors Maarten Goos, Casper van Ewijk and Dinand Webbink.

Sector 4 Competition and regulation
This sector forms the knowledge centre for economic analyses of issues related to competition, transition and regulation, from both Dutch and European policy perspectives. The work centres around which tasks should be carried out by the government and those that would be more effectively conducted by the markets, as well as how government intervention could improve the functioning of those markets. It studies questions such as how health care could become more efficient, how innovation could be promoted and how financial markets could contribute more robustly to the economy.  This sector also carries the ultimate responsibility for CPB’s annual Financial Stability Report, which is conducted for the Dutch House of Representatives, and CPB’s health care projections. Its academic partners are Robert Dur, Erik Schut, Anna Gerbrandy and Adriaan Soetevent.

Sector 5 Climate and regional economics
This sector covers infrastructure, mobility and transport, water, sustainability and urban and regional spatial planning. Cost-benefit analyses (CBAs) are at the core of the work conducted in this sector. Its academic partners are Daan van Soest and Maarten Allers.