Central Plan Committee CPB

The Central Planning Committee (CPC) advises the management of the CPB in the performance of its duties.

The Central Planning Committee (CPC) was established under the Preparation of the Adoption of a Central Economic Plan Act (1947). The CPC guarantees the independent position of the CPB and monitors the scientific quality and social relevance of the work of the CPB, see the ‘Instructions for the Planning Bureau’. The CPC is responsible for the periodic visitation of the CPB.

The chair of the CPC is also the contact for employees with regard to integrity issues. For issues that affect scientific integrity, there is a Scientific Integrity Committee.

CPC members

  • Peter Blom (chair)
  • Frank Heemskerk 
  • Frida van den Maagdenberg 
  • Sandra Phlippen 
  • Janneke Plantenga 
  • Eefke Smit 
  • Elmer Sterken