Frequently asked questions WTM

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Yes. All trade flows in the WTM are gross.

No. WTM trade flows are based on monthly Customs data and include goods trade only. Cross-border goods flows measured this way generally do not coincide with goods trade as reported in national accounts.

Volume series are series in constant dollar prices, that is base year prices. In the base year, the year total of volume equals the year total of nominal value and the year average of the price index equals 100. The base year currently is 2010. (See technical note Change of base year. (appendix)) At the level of individual countries, either import/export volume is computed from import/export value and import/export price or price is computed from import/export value and import/export, depending on the availability and reliability of data. Aggregate (regional) series in constant prices are the sums of country series in constant prices; aggregate prices are computed from aggregate value and aggregate volume.

See Table 2.1 (industrial production) and Table 2.2 (international trade) in the Background Document 'Technical Description'.