Academic partners

In order to assure the scientific quality of CPB research and to enhance the relationship with academic research, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis has set up two programmes—for academic partners and visiting scholars.

Academic partners

Prominent university researchers who regularly work together with CPB staff in writing academic papers and who are prepared to participate as advisors to CPB research may be offered an appointment as academic partner. Such appointments lend a formal status to such collaborative efforts, and also express CPB's commitment to these forms of cooperation. Academic partners are appointed within one of the sectors at CPB for a period of one year, with the option of extending the appointment.

Current academic partners:

  • Prof. dr. Koen Caminada (UL), email, Sector 1
  • Prof. dr. Steven Brakman (RUG), email, Sector 2
  • Prof. dr. Robert Inklaar (RUG), email, Sector 2
  • Prof. dr. Clemens Kool (UL), email, Sector 2
  • Prof. dr. P.W.C. Koning (UL), email, Sector 3
  • Prof. mr. E. Verhulp (UvA), email, Sector 3
  • Prof. dr. M. Goos (UU), email, Sector 3
  • Prof. dr. J.I. Stoker (RUG) email, Sector 3   
  • Prof. dr. Dinand Webbink (EUR), email, Sector 3
  • Prof. dr. Erik Schut (EUR), email, Sector 4
  • Prof. dr. A.R. Soetevent (RUG), email, Sector 4
  • Prof. dr. Johannes Spinnewijn (LSE) email, Sector 4
  • Prof. dr. D.P. van Soest (UVT), email, Sector 5
  • Prof. H.R.A. Koster (VU), email, Sector 5 
  • Prof. dr. S. Haring (UL), email, Communication

For more information about our academic partners' program, please contact Marcel Timmer, tel: +31 88 9846 002

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