Visiting scholars

CPB’s Visiting Scholars Programme offers national and international scientists the opportunity of conducting their research in a stimulating and professional environment. The programme’s main objective is to contribute to CPB’s main research themes. The current Work Plan provides on overview of the focal points and contains a list of current and planned research projects.

The length of time during which a visiting scholar can stay at CPB is flexible and determined on an individual basis. Programmes vary from one week to several months. In addition, there are also possibilities for a part-time programme or one that covers several periods.

Together with one or more of CPB’s researchers, visiting scholars will be working on research projects that are specified in advance. The results of such projects are published in CPB Discussion Papers. In addition to their research activities, visiting scholars often also organise seminars and workshops/training courses.

Visiting scholars receive a remuneration based on their qualifications. Where necessary, CPB can provide temporary housing in The Hague, and scholars are entitled to a reimbursement of travel costs.

Researchers from universities and research institutes may apply for a CPB Visiting Scholarship. Your letter of application should contain your reasons for applying and include a proposal for a research project that you would like to conduct at CPB. Please keep in mind that such a project would need to relate to one of CPB’s research areas (see the Work Plan). In addition, your proposal should include when and for how long you would like to participate in the Visiting Scholar Programme.
For applications and further information, please contact Jeroen Hinloopen, Deputy Director,