CPB publications

Every week, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) publishes the results of its research—often appearing as research reports, presentations, or scientific articles.

This is particularly important to CPB, which strives to keep close ties with the scientific community, in order to ensure useful and critical feedback of its work. This means that some CPB publications will be written in English, the main language of science. CPB also publishes background material at this website, where all of its output can be found.

From 1 January 2011 onwards, CPB has a new publication policy. Titles published in discontinued series (such as CPB Documents and CPB Memoranda) remain available through the website.  Most books excluded, all CPB publications will be published only digitally.

CPB Books

This series consists of longer studies about one or more topics. In some cases, CPB cooperates with academic or commercial publishers, especially when the books are aiming at a larger audience, as was the case with The Great Recession (‘De Grote Recessie’, only in Dutch), a book about the current financial crisis.

CPB Policy Brief

A CPB Policy Brief is a short report (fifteen pages maximum) that elaborates on the policy relevance of CPB research or certain policy options. Aimed at policymakers, such reports are mostly written in Dutc —although sometimes in English.

CPB Discussion Paper

CPB Discussion Papers contain scientific output aimed at publication in a scientific journal. CPB Discussion Papers are peer-reviewed and written in English to ensure international accessibility. CPB Discussion Papers are written under the responsibility of the author.

CPB Communications

CPB Communications (CPB Notities) are only written in Dutch. They contain answers to questions addressed to CPB by, for example, political parties, individual politicians, ministries, trade unions or employers' federations. Although strictly written as specific answers to questions posed, they are generally made public—with an eye to CPB’s transparency.

CPB Historical Collection

The 'CPB historical collection' contains publications by CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis that have been published since 1946, but are not available from CPB's website: www.cpb.nl. These historical publications have been organised into various collections, depending on the series within which they were published.