Seminar: "Forecasting with Bayesian VARs with Time Variation in the Mean"

Op 6 maart 2018 geeft Andries van Vlodrop (VU) een presentatie getiteld: "Forecasting with Bayesian VARs with Time Variation in the Mean".

6 maart 2018
13:00 - 14:00
CPB-kantoor (zaal 3, Braamzaal), Bezuidenhoutseweg 30, Den Haag
Andries van Vlodrop (VU)
Adam Elbourne (CPB)

We develop a vector autoregressive model with time variation in the mean and the variance. The unobserved time-varying mean is assumed to follow a random walk and we also link it to long-term Consensus forecasts, similar in spirit to so called democratic priors. The changes in variance are modelled via stochastic volatility. The proposed Gibbs sampler allows the researcher to use a large cross-sectional dimension in a feasible amount of computational time. The slowly changing mean can account for a number of secular developments such as changing inflation expectations, slowing productivity growth or demographics. We show good forecasting performance of the model relative to popular alternatives, including standard Bayesian VARs with Minnesota priors, VARs with democratic priors, and standard time-varying-parameter VARs for the euro area, the United States and Japan. In particular, incorporating survey forecast information helps to reduce the uncertainty about the unconditional mean and along with the time variation improves the long-run forecasting performance of the VAR models.